Urgh, not really my favourite, but it works for some people – obviously not for me.  When it comes down to it, I have better things to do with my time.

So I think the only way this works is through having a large media following so that you can refer to other users and earn potential coins.  I’ve participated in sooo many airdrops, of which I am still to receive a cent.  Having a time limit on it also makes it difficult to reach enough references to make your airdrop worthwhile.

But maybe you have more success than me?

Nevertheless, I will share whichever ones I come across here just in case I have a large social media following.


Set your Telegram profile settings to the following so that you do not get added to groups by other people. Most scammers operate by adding you to their groups, on which they have multiple profiles so that it looks legit when everyone testifies on how good that particular system works.

Important Tips!

Be very careful when people engage with you on Telegram. This is a hotspot for scammers – they are a dime a dozen here, almost like a Petrie-dish of scammers multiplying every second.

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