Getting Cryptocurrency droplets through Faucets

A Fau-what? 

Cryptocurrencies can be earned, which is extremely slow and time and labour intensive, but if you have nothing else to do with your day, this might be your cup of tea.

I have tried so many faucets, some of which seems legit, but they all store your earned coins on their own platforms.  I’ve read some good and some bad reviews.

After the 40-plus faucets that I’ve been frequenting, I decided that only one deserved my undivided attention as they pay into my wallet directly and I have control over my funds immediately.

Here is a list of those that I have decided to share with you.


PTC – They have a crazy high faucet reward but turns out its all a scam as they charge a 90% transaction fee, so if you were thinking this is easy money, it is not!

Important Tips!

I have come across one or two that pop up ads with links to porn sites – so these innocent looking faucets are not always kid-friendly.