Rewards for using Social Media

So today I’m sharing my experience using a new social media platform – Uhive – that is a mix between Facebook and some other social media alternatives. Basically what I use this platform to do is to load basically anything, flooding my profile with absolutely anything and everything that I like or that matters to me.  Usually, we like to keep things simple on our Facebook profiles, but here I feel free to let my freak flag fly.

Whether it’s sharing stories, experiences or just another side to your personality, your activity will never be logged or tracked, and your data deleted forever. Unlike most social media, Uhive wants to give back to its biggest and most valuable investor – You! By cycling back real value via the distribution of Uhive tokens in exchange for time spent on the app, and engagement with posts, users get rewarded too. Early sign up rewards available now.

 Download the app here:

Cons :

  • Not currently available on the web version (but they’re working on it).  Only an App version is available.
  • You have to log in every day to reach your multiplier.

Pros :

  • You get rewarded for all your interactions in the HVE cryptocurrency token.
  • The censorship that Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are not present here, so freedom of speech has more meaning.
  • Invite your friends, and get rewarded with 300 tokens

Finances :

So how have I been faring? Well, not too shabby actually.  Compared to many of the other opportunities that I’ve tried, this actually shows some long term promise.

At the moment the value of each coin is about $0.003.  I’ve seen that if interact – that is – liking others’ posts, commenting on others’ posts, and posting myself for about 30 minutes, I’ve been able to achieve about 1000 tokens.

I started on 6 February but spent very little time on it. I basically just wanted to receive my daily rewards and keep my multiplier, but in the last week I’ve upped the anty a bit and realised that my interactions are increasing my rewards.

I have reached 13,000 tokens in the past 6 weeks, but experienced about 1000 tokens a day for the past week as I have started increasing my activity.  I will keep this up to see if this maintains its momentum.

So if my math is correct … $0.03 x 1000 is $3. Over 30 days, that could equal $90, which in turn exchange to approx R1,300 for the month.  Also take into consideration that the $0.003 value can also drop or increase over time.  It is very likely that it will increase as popularity on the platform grows.

But the proof is in the pudding.  I’m waiting to see on which exchanges the HVE coin will list, and once I have successfully transferred my coins for USDT (stablecoin), or BTC (bitcoin), I will be a true believer.

Ready to take this journey with me? Follow me @Christine on Uhive.

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