How I Earn My Daily Cash Routine

It is impossible for me to use every single item that I have listed on the faucets and other pages, so I’ve decided to focus on the below for now, and created a special homepage on my cellphone so I can access them easily. I love my Microsoft Launcher app on my cellphone, it is just so much easier to access my apps as I am not fond of the Android interface.

I add some of the new ones to my cellphone homepage as I come across them, or remove them after a while if I feel that they don’t work for me.

This is what I currently have on my daily earning screen:

Global Hive earn ZEC every 24 hours
Zcash can be claimed every 20 hours. The average claim reward is 0.00003100 ZEC which can immediately be withdrawn directly to your wallet. 1 Zcash = ZAR2190 (22Mar2021)
Cons : You can only earn coins exactly 24 hours from your last claim. Also, if you forgot to claim on a day, you lose your multiplier and have to start your multiplier again
Pros : It gets paid directly into your wallet, so not like airdrops that you have to wait. At least you have control over your funds here.

Good Dollar
This doesn’t give you actual money but I believe at some point they will convert their coins into a value-based currency, so for clicking on a button once a day (resets every day at 14h00), I’m willing to stick it out. If you believe, like me, in economic inclusion and the distribution of prosperity for all, then I invite you to sign up for GoodDollar, create your own basic income wallet and start collecting your daily digital income. Use my invite link and receive an extra 50G$ bonus!

Earn a Dollar a day with Stable Coin USDC
A dollar a day! That’s better than some of the faucets out there where you only earn a fraction of a primary amount.  This is as easy as going to your Telegram bot every day to earn your daily coin. And remember to share with your friends to earn additional coins.

Other programmes worth mentioning (some I use on my laptop during the day):

Pirate Cash
This is more like a game faucet that gives you dollars for spinning the wheel and landing on prizes. Payouts only start at $100 and in the beginning you increase your amount fairly easily, but as your amount climbs higher, so does the difficulty. Once you reach $50, it really becomes harder to earn cents, so I think a lot of people will give up at this stage. Also, the constant ads become very annoying, and be careful of adult content ads that pop up without warning! I think the only way you’re going to get to your $100 payday (payable directly to your Paypal account), is if you get lots of referrals to help you push through to the end. But different people will follow different strategies, worth a shot I guess.